Who we are

Patients need high quality information about conditions. This information has been produced to the highest standards in the UK by the leading charities involved in supporting patients and carers.

The charities involved in aboutmyhealth.org meet stringent quality criteria. The information they provide is:

  • based on valid published research
  • written by experts in their respective fields
  • developed together with patients and carers
  • updated regularly

aboutmyhealth.org was created by EIDO Healthcare.

EIDO Healthcare works with a team of around 50 specialist UK-practising surgeons and physicians to develop high quality, evidence-based patient information about hospital treatments. EIDO supplies over 400 hospitals across the UK.

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We are committed to continually improving aboutmyhealth.org. To give us feedback and suggestions for improvement, please email feedback@aboutmyhealth.org

Hospital Treatments

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